Highway To The Gobi

In April 2017, guest Tristan Clements joined us for a two-day trip to the middle Gobi. This is one of his images. In the words of Tristan … ‘When landscapes are broad and flat, and horizons expansive, often times the sky has to become an integral part of the landscape.’

I understand that for a majority of visitors, making contact with the local people is an important element of their trip to Mongolia – for a moment or two, crossing the cultural divide. However, the diversity of landscapes in Mongolia leads to the diversity of the way of life and so landscapes form a very important and relevant backdrop. The people of Mongolia are well-matched to the land they inhabit and by travelling through the diversity of Mongolia’s landscapes,you can start to understand how the landscapes have helped to form the Mongolian personality  – the sturdy individualism, their hardiness, endurance, self-sufficiency, tolerance and definitely their spirit of freedom.

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