A Mongolian Road Trip

Space. Glorious, mesmerising, limitless space. That’s what a majority of visitors to Mongolia will remember most.

The power of the landscapes is an integral part of any journey in Mongolia. Yes. A majority of other companies will tell you to fly to your destination. But you’ll be then caught up in the stress of queuing and weighing your luggage and domestic flight delays. When instead, you could be on the Mongolian open road taking the ultimate road trip.

Travelling through the vast landscapes of Mongolia will allow you to witness the local way of life but without being too intrusive. It’s a chance to remove your watch, take a break from the modern world and let each day and each journey unfold. Travelling in this way gives you time to think and gain a fresh perspective.

This great image was taken by our guest Anne-Marie during her Taiga and Altai Landscapes private tailor made trip in September 2016.