The Mongolian Steppe

Where? Khogno Khan Nature Reserve in the south of Bulgan Aimag. Khogno Khan itself is an immense granite massif that extends north to south for some 12 miles and east to west for around 6 miles. It also rises to 2000 feet over the surrounding steppe and sand dunes.  It is home to what was once a very important monastery – Erdene Khambiin Khiid.
It may only be 285km from UB but the views here provide the perfect antidote to the rush and crowds of everyday life elsewhere.  Sometimes it’s not necessarily where you visit but how you visit.
This great bird’s eye view image of one of our campsites was taken by our guest Pete McWaters during our Untamed Mongolia small group adventure. If you’re interested in travelling to Mongolia, why not check our Eternal Landscapes small group journeys page? We look forward to welcoming you!