Tsagaan Sar – White Month

Today (February 9th) is Mongolian Lunar New Year – known as Tsaagan Sar or White Month in Mongolian.

On the morning of the New Year everyone rises bright and early to greet the sun. Traditionally, members of the household honour the nature and spirits of Mongolia by going to an ovoo – a stone shrine placed on a hill or mountain top. They will take food and offerings and the oldest will voice words of gratitude and praise to the spirit of the mountain and the surrounding area.

Turuu always says that the air on the first day of Tsagaan Sar is fresh and clean, reminding him that they have successfully passed winter, and that spring has arrived. He took this image last year as the first sun of the New Year rose over the ovoo at Tsaagan Suvraga in the southern Gobi.

If you’re looking for a different kind of Mongolian experience, you could always join the Eternal Landscapes team as they celebrate Tsagaan Sar in 2017. How? By joining our Mongolian small group Tsagaan Sar Insight adventure.


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