Sacred Otgon Tenger

This is Otgon Tenger in Zavkhan Province. Many Mongolians consider it the spiritual centre of the land and Mongolia’s most sacred mountain. This is the highest mountain in the central Khangai Range – with its permanent snow-capped peak it is said to be 4021m. Mongolians consider the mountain to be the mystical abode of Ochirvan – the fierce, dark blue protective deity of the Buddhist religion (traditional Mongolian beliefs have held that wrathful deities inhabit many of Mongolia’s sacred mountains).

We visited during our 2013 Wild Treks Mongolia research trip. This photograph was taken by our guest John Holman.  This is what Ross, another one of uur guests on the trip, had to say about the experience:

‘Otgon Tenger Uul would have to be my most memorable cultural experience. Being with Turuu on his first visit to the mountain and being able to share that experience. Seeing the reverence he showed to the mountain and lake, taking part in the lake water ritual, knowing, seeing and experiencing the significance of the area made a very special day.’

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