An Insight Into Mongolia’s Wildlife

This beautiful animal is an elk – spotted and photographed by our guest Lee Hayes on our 2012 Wilderness Trails Mongolia trekking adventure. We were trekking through the forest cover on the western shore of Khovsgol Nuur National Park and the elk was in the shallows of the lake.

During another trip, in 2014, we had just driven off from having our picnic lunch out on the semi-desert steppe of the middle Gobi and as we turned the corner there were over 2000 White Tailed Gazelle before us. We’ve seen and heard wolves – and had wolf footprints outside our tents in September 2014 on our Wild Gobi Mongolia Research Trip. We’ve seen Siberian Ibex (mountain goats) on our day-hikes through the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park and we’ve spent time with the rangers at Gun-Galuut and Ikh Nart Nature Reserves observing Argali sheep – the largest species of wild sheep in the world. We’ve also been joined by Red Deer on our hikes through Khustain Nuur and in Khentii Aimag. In 2015, we were privileged enough to spot the endangered Khulan – the Mongolian Wild Ass – in the southern Gobi. 

Although modern life has impacted upon the population numbers of Mongolia’s wildlife there is still an incredible variety to be seen and experienced. The biodiversity of this great country is represented in the diversity of its flora and fauna. Binoculars are highly recommended!

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