Be A Nomad In A Country Of Nomads

Nothing beats the freedom of wild camping in Mongolia. Mongolia was designed for wild camping – a country of spectacular raw natural beauty where the wide-open spaces and stretching horizons awaken a sense of possibility in you and make you feel free. In a country of nomads, it makes complete sense. 

In the words of our guest Sarah Cutler on her 2013 Untamed Mongolia small group adventure – 

‘The thing I needed most and the thing I got out of my trip to Mongolia is/was the refreshment of my soul and spirit. Living such a simple life and camping, the extreme natural beauty and the wonderful company allowed me to do that.’

This great image was taken by our guest Hui Li from her tent as the sun rose over  northern Mongolia. She was on her second trip to Mongolia with Eternal Landscapes – on a private overland expedition to Mongolia’s remote taiga landscapes to the Tsaatan community (Mongolia’s reindeer herders).

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