Off The Beaten Track Mongolia

The UB Post (one of Mongolia’s English language papers) recently published an article that stated  that the ‘National Statistics Office  of Mongolia reported that the number of foreign tourists that visited Mongolia reached 317,000 as of September 2015.’

Those low visitor numbers still make the entire country off the beaten track. However, one province that is rarely visited is Zavkhan which connects the Gobi Desert in the south with the western Khangai Mountain Range and the lakes depression of the north west.

We visited Khar Nuur on our 2013 Eternal Landscapes research trip. We spent a few days exploring Khar Nuur and the surrounding landscapes. This image was taken by our guest John Holman and in the words of John:

‘The days provide not only many ‘wow’ moments but also complete tranquillity, for we see no one else apart from a local fisherman.’

You can read more about John’s experience with Eternal Landscapes on our Eternal Landscapes blog.



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