Do something different. Winter travel in Mongolia

For those that brave the winter weather in Mongolia, the rewards are without limit.

With no other tourists in evidence, it is easy to feel that you have the country to yourself. This is the time that people come together, that challenges are faced as one, that unique experiences become everyday occurrences. This is the time that the legendary Mongolian hospitality comes into its own.

Although the winters are harsh, they are also extraordinarily beautiful. This is a wonderful time of year to visit for anybody interested in photography – the low afternoon winter light is perfect for capturing the Land of the Eternal Blue Skies.

Not only does Mongolia produces a stunning natural show but there are festivals to enjoy and experience. Although it’s ‘out of season’ local communities organize annual events in celebration of local community, networking and collaboration to ensure a better future for the specific region and its herding community. These are in addition to the traditional cultural festivals.

This image was taken by our guest Massimo Rumi in the Altai Mountains at the home of one of the Kazakh families we work with.  If you’re interested in travelling to Mongolia in the winter, why not check our Eternal Landscapes winter journeys page? We look forward to welcoming you at this spectacular time of year. Just pack thermals!

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